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Bonfiglioli 711C3 final driveTrasmital 713C reducer tracks

Bonfiglioli 710C3 final drive

I50 -

Ratio: 1/49

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Final drive Trasmital-Bonfiglioli

Type: 710C3KS005A49G170VP31LA

Ratio: 1/49

Code: 2T269008050A

Code: 87357869

Trasmital-Bonfiglioli 710C3KS005A49G170VP31LA final drive

Trasmital-Bonfiglioli 2T269008050A

Trasmital-Bonfiglioli 87357869


Trasmital KYB hydraulic motor


Displacement: 129/87

Code: 1T215010500

Hydraulic motor Trasmital KYB MHKAYABAKTMAGA170VP31

Bonfiglioli 1T215010500

Trasmital KYB 1T215010500



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